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Reader's Advisory on VCAT

NoveList Select is now fully operational within V-Cat!  NoveList Select is a product that embeds the NoveList Plus readers' advisory database's recommendations directly into the online public access catalog.  As more and more people use V-Cat from home or work to find books they've heard about, professional reader's advisory suggestions will be available 24/7 seamlessly, without having to do a separate database search.   


"What's the next book in John Sandford's "Prey" series or Jeff Kinney's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books?"

The complete series' lists, in order of publication, now appear on the screen right under the cataloging info.  From the Jack Reacher series (Lee Child) to the Alex Cross series (James Patterson) to the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order (various authors), complete listings of titles in the series are now available in V-Cat catalog search results, thanks to NoveList Select. 

"All copies of Michael Lewis' well-reviewed title, "The Big Short," are checked out...what else can I read about the current financial crisis?"

Bingo...right there under the "Big Short" cataloging record info, a listing of ten similar titles from NoveList Plus shows up, along with a reasoning statement under each recommendation so that users understand why a particular title is being suggested.  It's almost like a virtual book display!  Links to Recommended Reads lists, Author Read-Alikes, Book Discussion Guides and more are now displayed in the V-Cat catalog results.   

According to Ebsco, the goal of NoveList Select is to help avoid "dead-end searches that occur when all copies of a book are checked out by providing readers with additional options of what to read next."  NoveList Select recommends only materials from V-CAT library collections that are readily available to be put on hold or be checked out.  WVLS staff will be submitting the new title info to Ebsco on a monthly basis to ensure that catalog search results include current materials.

ReaderAdvisoryPage  OnlineCatalogPage



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