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ILL -- 
We offer Interlibrary Loan to our Merrill library card holders. If you do not find the items you want in our shared system, V-CAT, you can ask us to get them through the statewide interlibrary loan system WISCAT, or if you are a Merrill library card holder, you may initiate your requests yourself AFTER you read these [INSTRUCTIONS] .

To have the librarians request an interlibrary loan for you,  come to the Adult Reference Desk on the 3rd level, or call 715-536-7191 and ask for the Adult Reference Desk.   

All Interlibrary loan requests are done on an ASAP basis. ASAP means as soon as possible. This varies from about 7 days if it is checked in at the loaning library  to however long the material is checked out for at the owning library. If others have asked for the material before you, you might be put on a request list, just as you would be here.  ILL's usually come to us through the courier delivery system. We will notify you when your ILL arrives by phone, mail or e-mail.

Deadlines --
If you have a deadline, a date after which you cannot use the material, please let us know.  In that case the ILL system will not place the item on hold. Instead it will check with all the loaning libraries on the chance that a library can send it before your deadline date.  If it cannot be supplied by your deadline, you will be notified and the request will be considered finished. It is best to have a backup plan if you have a very short deadline.

Non-Merrill residents - Wherever you live, go to your local library, or if you are a student, to your college library to request library materials from outside your area.  They will tell you what information they need, and following interlibrary loan procedure will request the items you want.  


 WISCAT Libraries - ILL through the WISCAT Agent system. Contact us by the e-mail in our Agent profile, or call 715-536-7191.

All other libraries' ILL staff --  We welcome, and prefer, requests to our e-mail address tbscottill@yahoo.com , or call 715-536-7191.


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