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Approved:  2/9/83;

Reviewed and revised 10/17/01; 3/15/06; 7/15/09, 2/16/11.

Review Date: 2016


The library maintains meeting rooms for library-sponsored or co-sponsored programs that support the libraryís mission.  The meeting rooms may also be made available to individuals and organizations, subject to the rules and regulations established by the library Board of Trustees.


Community Room


A. General Conditions

1.  Maximum Seating Capacity: approximately 75


2.  Priorities for use of the Community Room:

            a. Library-sponsored meetings or programs

            b. Library-related meetings or programs

            c. Meetings sponsored by agencies of the city of Merrill or Lincoln County

            d. Educational, cultural, or civic meetings or programs

            e. Other meetings which are appropriate to the library

            f. Purely social functions (e.g. birthday parties, showers, company parties,

                        mixers, etc.) are not allowed


The library Director reserves the right to determine justifiable use of library facilities and/or to cancel room reservations.


3.  The Community Room may be used provided the following conditions are met:

            a. No admission or other fees are charged

            b. No sales or other commercial transactions occur

            c. The meeting is open to the public

            d. The meeting does not interfere with the regular operation of the library


Organizations conducting business meetings or presenting programs may wish to restrict or limit public comments during all or part of their meetings or programs.  Any such restrictions should be announced at the beginning of the meeting and should in no way interfere with the publicís ability to attend, observe or listen to the program.


4.  Meeting rooms are available for use by the public only when the library is open.  Meeting room use, including clean-up, must end before the libraryís closing time, unless arrangements are made at least one week in advance for staff to remain after regular hours of operation.  Meetings during other times when the library is regularly closed must be approved by the Director and are subject to staff availability.


5.  In the event of an emergency, such as inclement weather or a loss of electricity, the library reserves the right to close the library and cancel all use of its meeting rooms.


6.  Use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products is prohibited on library premises.

7.  No non-library program held in the meeting room may be broadcast or televised without permission of the library Director.


8.  No individual, group, or organization using the meeting room will discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicapped status in the provision of services.  Groups using the meeting room are responsible for providing qualified interpreters and/or auxiliary aids as requested.


B. Reservation of the Community Room

1.  Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.  Reservations may be made by phone or in person.


2.  The person reserving the room must be eighteen years of age or older.  Groups whose members are under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by one adult chaperone for each ten participants.


3.  Reservations for regular meetings by the same group will be accepted no more than three (3) months in advance.  Conditional reservations may be accepted farther in advance with the understanding that the needs of the library may result in rescheduling or canceling of the tentative booking.


4.  No fee is charged for a ďone-timeĒ use of the meeting room by library-related or governmental organizations.  When the room is used on a continuing basis (more than twice in a six month period), $10.00 per session for every meeting thereafter is charged to defray utility and maintenance costs.  Exceptions to the room charge may only be made by vote of the library Board of Trustees.


If refreshments are being served in a non-library or non-governmental meeting, it is expected that the meeting room and kitchen will be left in satisfactory condition.  If library staff determine that the meeting room and/or kitchen have not been left in satisfactory condition, a cleanup charge of at least $25 may be assessed.


5.  The piano in the Community Room may be used for recitals or similar events.  Music teachers or performers may schedule rehearsal times as well as performance times. 


6.  Prompt notification to the library of a cancellation of an event is requested, in case another group wants to use the room.


C. Use of the Community Room

1.  An individual or group using the Community room shall be responsible for any advance preparations, for setting up and putting away furnishings used for their meeting, as well as clearing away their own materials and any trash.


2.  Individuals or organizations holding meetings in the Community Room assume responsibility for any damage to the room or contents.  The library reserves the right to charge a fee for any needed repairs, replacements, or cleaning.


3.  Use of library audio-visual equipment, if needed, must be scheduled separately by the individual or group at the Adult Department Circulation Desk.  There is no fee for the use of AV equipment.  Operators for AV equipment are not provided by the library.


4.  At the time of registration the individual or group should notify library staff if refreshments are to be served.  The group must provide its own equipment, food, cups, serving utensils, etc.  The kitchen is available for use by groups using the Community Room.


D. Use of the Kitchen

1.  The kitchen is available for the preparation and serving of beverages or other light refreshments.


2.  Permission to use the kitchen or to serve any snacks and/or beverages must be requested and approved in advance of the meeting.


3.  It is the responsibility of the meeting room user to provide food, beverages, and all supplies needed to prepare and serve them.  Organizations may not use library property, such as paper products, food, table cloths, etc.  Organizations may use library coffee pots, dishes, and microwave, provided they wash and dry these items after use.


4.  The meeting room user must leave the kitchen clean, or be subject to an additional charge (see B4 above).


E. Admission/Sales/Solicitation

1.  Admission may be charged for programs sponsored by the library and its affiliated organizations, and the sale of goods that directly or indirectly benefit the library will be permitted in the meeting room and other areas of the library.  When an author/artist takes part in a library-sponsored program, the library may arrange for the sale of the authorís/artistís works at the program.


2.  Non-library organizations using the meeting room may not charge an admission fee. 


3.  Educational courses conducted by non-profit agencies may charge fees for learning materials or course credits, but the program must be open for observation to members of the public who donít pay fees.


4.  Fund raising and sales are not permitted.


5.  Solicitation of library patrons or staff is not permitted on library grounds.


F. Publicity

1.  Groups using the meeting room must produce and provide their own publicity.


2.  The name, address, or phone number of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization except those affiliated with the library.


3.  The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the groupís activities.


G. Damages and Liability

1.  The library is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any equipment or materials owned or rented by an individual, group or organization using its meeting room.


2.  The library is not responsible for personal injury to any member, affiliated person, guest of the organization or attendee of its program.


3.  The group using the meeting room and its members shall be held responsible for loss of library equipment, furnishings or materials, or for willful or accidental damage to the library building, grounds, collections or equipment caused by the individual, group or organization, its members, or those attending its program.


H. Denial of Meeting Room Privileges

1.  Disruptive behavior is not permitted.  In such cases the participants will be asked to leave the library.


2.  Failure to abide by the libraryís meeting room policy and by its rules of conduct may result in the cancellation of, or future refusal of, reservations.


I. Exceptions:

Exceptions to the meeting room policy and waivers of fees must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  However, the library Director is granted the authority to waive rules and fees, if in his/her judgment, emergency or other conditions warrant this action.  The Director will report all such waivers to the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


Other Meeting Rooms


Other meeting rooms are available for use by individuals and groups.  The rules for use of these rooms are similar to those for use of the Community Room.


1.  Hermien Livingston Board Room (in the Adult Dept., upper level)

            -Capacity:  20 people

            -A sink is available for cleanup.


2.  Story Hour Room (Youth Dept., main level)

            -Capacity:  20 people

            -A sink is available for cleanup.


3.  Semling-Menke (Large) Study Room (Adult Dept., upper level)

            -Capacity:  4 people.


4.  Small Study Rooms #1 and #2 (Adult Dept., upper level)

            -Capacity:  2-3 people in each room.




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