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Instructions for Patron Initiated Interlibrary Loan 

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 Things you must know -- please read.
Patron initiated loans are for items for which you have an author and/or title. All microfilm, genealogy, and subject requests must be done in person at the library. 
Check VCAT, our online catalog first. You will see tabs that read "Search T. B. Scott Library" or "Search All Libraries". If you do not see the title in "Search All Libraries" you may proceed to WISCAT.   If the title shows in VCAT we are not allowed to approve it as a request in WISCAT. If VCAT will not let you place a hold online  call 536-7191, or come in and fill out a paper Request Slip,  or use this printable form.
Even if the title you want shows up we may not be able to approve your request if it is too new.  Too new is four to six months from the publication date*.  
Please, do not duplicate your request. 
Please be sure you choose a record for the type of format you really want. For instance, if you want a DVD choose a record with  'videodisc' 4 3/4" in it;  if you want large type or large print look for those words in the record before you choose it, etc.

  *Determine the publication month and year through Amazon.com or other online store. If the item has been published within the last 4-6 months please call or come in to fill out a paper Request Slip or use this printable form.

Be sure your title does not show in VCAT first.
Go to WisCat.
Click on Begin.
Search for the item you want.
If the item comes up click on it.
Click on the button "Request this item".
Enter the required information. Use the barcode number from your library card as your password.
If you want DVD, or VHS,  or CD, or Cassette, or only a particular edition, you MUST scroll down to the "special instructions area" and type that information in.
Click on submit.

To WISCAT to search and place requests.

Go to WisCat.
Click on Begin.
Click on User Menu.
Click on ILL Request Tracking.
Enter your name - Last Name, First Name (If that is how you entered it when you created your request).
Password : Enter your library card barcode number (Which is what you should use when you create the request).



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