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Volunteering - Help Make T.B. Scott Library The Best It Can Be!

Support Your Library as a Volunteer-Here's How:
Children and Youth Services:
· Read aloud/storytelling to Youth
· Assist with Youth programs and projects
· Keep books in the right place
· Help mend and repair library materials

Outreach Services:
· Deliver books/recorded books to institutional and homebound patrons
·Accompany staff in visiting and/or reading to institutional and homebound patrons

Adult Services:

· Keep books in the right place through the Adopt-A-Shelf program
· Assist in local history initiatives and other special Adult Department projects

Become a Friend of the Library!!!
· Join with others who support your public library!
· Assist with Book Sales & other fundraising to help the library
· Help publicize library events in the community by distributing flyers and posters.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities for the Adult Dept., contact Don Litzer, 715-536-7191; for the Youth Services Dept. contact Linda Schuster, 715-536-7191; for Outreach, Sandy Lussenhop at 715-536-7191. To contact the Friends of the Library come to a meeting on the 3rd Friday of the month, in the Board Room at 9:45. 


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