Mission Statement      

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The mission of the Neillsville Public Library is to:

1) provide all residents of Neillsville and the surrounding area with a comprehensive collection of materials in a variety of media that record people's knowledge, ideas and culture,

2) organize these materials for ready access,

3) offer guidance and encouragement in their use and 4) to serve the community with reliable and easily available sources of information and reference.


The general goals of the Neillsville Public Library are:

To serve all citizens of the community and the surrounding  region by best use of the facility and best use of its funding.

To acquire and make available to all residents of the above-area such books, periodicals, pamphlets and other services as will address their needs to:

a.  Become well informed.
 b.  Locate answers to questions.
c.  Cultivate the imagination and creative expression.
d.  Develop skills for career and vocational advancement.
e.  Enjoy leisure by means of reading and other media services.


To maintain a program of service which locates information, guides reading, organizes and interprets material for people of various backgrounds and stimulates thinking and intellectual development in individuals of any age.

To strive consistently to discover new methods and improvements for better service for the library's patrons.

To regularly review the goals of the Neillsville Public Library and, if necessary, revise them in light of new developments.

To support the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, and the Freedom to View statement.

To encourage cooperation between the city library and the school libraries.

Neillsville Public Library, 409 Hewett St., Neillsville, WI 54456