The Webster’s New World College Dictionary 4th edition defines a friend as:
1. A person whom one knows well and is fond of.
2. A person on the same side in a struggle.
3. Supporter or sympathizer.
4.Something thought of as like a friend in being  helpful, reliable, etc.
Friends of the Tomahawk Public Library support one of Tomahawk’s most valuable resources  by promoting Library programs and sponsoring events for children, teens and adults.  Our Friends hold two yearly book sales to raise money for new reading and audio visual materials and facility enhancements.


 Our Friends meet monthly on the third Thursday.

Frank Hinterleitner, President:  715 453-1991
Shelain Yach, Secretary/Treasurer, 715-966-9600
Leanne Setlak, Volunteer Coordinator, 715-453-9937

 Or....Click here to print a copy of the Friends of the Library application.